Creating SEO Content that Sells

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Creating SEO Content that Sells

Considering the fact that you own a website and are implementing numerous ways to optimize it’s seo content, there are two audiences you must try to impress. The first is the search engine spiders and their impression of your site. Does the content incorporate enough keywords? Is the text count adequate? Are keywords utilized properly? Are relevant phrases displayed in title tags?

The second is the prospective buyer who arrived at your site while searching for your product or service. The questions they’re asking are do you have the price they’re willing to pay and are you a company they want to do business with. It’s a tough task when you realize that these two first impressions could both be happening at exactly the same time.

The quality of the content that exists on your website is key to your site’s on-page optimization. Having an easy to follow formula is all it takes to sell your copy to search engine spiders. A SE spider crawls through text searching for well placed keywords, optimized – but not overdone – keyword density, how titles are used, image alt tags and useful anchor text. In addition the spider will be looking for an orderly link structure that creates flow from one website page to another.

Comparing the content and phrase structure of each page with similar pages from other websites, is another part of what search engines do. Doing your best to resist the urge to keyword stack or use other dubious methods, will make incorporating all of these methods into your seo content surprisingly easy.

Always use a keyword to describe alt tags for images, make sure you title your pages based on the content they contain, and whenever a service or product that’s not on the page is referred to, provide a link pointing to the relevant section of your website.

Combining the technical necessities with the more complex and subjective requirements of a potential customer can be quite a challenge.

In order to make it easy for customers to skim through the page and divide long content into smaller parts, sub headers and titles should be used. By using keywords and synonyms in key locations, readers are subconsciously reassured that they’re at the right place.

Also in satisfying the more complex human needs, the content must jump off the page to accomplish its’ purpose of increasing conversions and selling products and services. Writing sales copy is an art form and one that many businesses haven’t been able to master.

Instead of just writing aggressive copy that can putt off a potential customer, structure the website to give the visitor freedom to roam around the site, further reinforcing your brand’s unique selling position.

The frustration of someone expecting to buy online and then entering a terribly structured website has lost many website owners a lot of money.

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