SEO – Article Marketing – What is it and How Does it Work?

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SEO - Article Marketing

Let us start by analyzing what SEO Article Marketing is. SEO as we all know is Search Engine Optimization. What it means is doing certain things to drive traffic to your web site in order to improve your online sales. What we will do in this article is see what methods can be used for this purpose.

We write articles to promote a product or service. What we write should catch the eye of the consumer in such a way that he will want to buy that product. For the consumer to read the article however he has to be led to that particular website and that is exactly what SEO does. Lead the customer to the website so that he will read the article and be interested enough to buy the product.

As far as the SEO Article marketing writers are concerned what they have to ensure is keyword optimization. So what are keywords? It is a one specific word or a group of words or phrases that will be used by the online surfer to search for what he needs by inserting the word or phrases into the search engine to find what he’s looking for.

For example, let’s say you are looking to buy a digital phone online by means of SEO article marketing. If you type “digital phone” in the search engine, there will be thousands and thousands of website that will be revealed. This however is not going to help you at all. You have to narrow your search to specific key words to find exactly what you are looking for.

Then what you do is use SEO Article Marketing by typing out the brand name of the phone and other relevant specifications you have such as “Canon Digital Camera’ to optimize your search even more, you can give a price range, if there’s a particular color you prefer or the number of pixels; you can put all that into the Search Engine and you are bound to get the result you have been looking for.

Popular sites such as Google and Yahoo come up with thousands of sites which they are feel are the most relevant to the keywords you have put in to their SEO and the higher they are on the list, the more chances they have of being searched and visited by the consumer who is interested in buying a particular product online.

Now this where the importance of SEO article Marketing lies. An article writer has to ensure that the article he or she writes contain a minimum of 2 – 3% keywords per article of five hundred words. This is the primary method of success in getting highly ranked on a search engine.

With so many articles being written online, without proper awareness of SEO Article Marketing techniques, there is very little chance of being ranked high on a search engine resulting in those who are looking for your product not getting to read your article on the subject.

SEO Article Marketing is not simple as most online article writers imagine. You have to learn all the secrets, techniques and tips on how to be a successful article writer who can get optimal rankings on popular search engines.

If you want your articles read and your products bought, first of all learn how to find the right SEO Article Writing Company. Once your customers start visiting your site, your income will start to grow and you will be happy that you visited this website.

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