SEO Article Writing: A How-To

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SEO Article Writing

Through networking with other bloggers and freelance writers, there are always several questions surrounding SEO article writing. Writing SEO articles, in basic terms, means using strategic keywords in your content to utilize search engine optimization (SEO). These are the keywords that your potential readers are using to search for information, and hopefully the keywords that will lead them to you.

Over time, I have heard dozens of different strategies for choosing keywords in SEO article writing. Every writer seems to have their own method, some more effective than others. Some writers choose to pick a keyword out the air without researching and hope it sticks. The strategy you choose to employ is entirely up to you. This however, is the method that I use and have had a fair amount of success with.

Finding keywords. My preferred tool for finding keywords is the Google Keyword Tool. You simply type in a search term and it will deliver pages and pages of similar search terms being used. Take a look at the Global Monthly Searches. This will tell you how many times that particular keyword is used on average each month. There is no magic number here and search volume with vary depending on your niche. Look for phrase of three or more words, as opposed to a one or two-word keyword when writing SEO articles.

Evaluating competition. If you will be running a pay-per-click campaign, you may want to look at the Competition column in your Google Keyword results. This will give you an idea of how many people are bidding on AdWords and how much money you will be looking at for your campaign. As I don’t run campaigns, I jump to the next step and do a Google search for my potential keyword phrases. Put your potential keyword in parentheses when searching to bring up exact matches. I do not worry too much about the number of results. My main concern is only the top three to five search results. This is where I want my SEO article to appear.

Checking your competition’s backlinks. The final step in choosing my keywords in writing SEO articles is evaluating my competitor’s backlinks. My purpose here is to gauge whether I can compete with their incoming inlinks. Copy your competitor’s URL. Now, head over to Yahoo. Type “link:” into the search box and paste your competitor’s URL behind it. This will show you how many people are linking to your competitor’s page or article. The more inbound links, the higher the URL will rank. You can investigate a step further here if you would like and modify your results by choosing “except from this domain.” This will show you the number of outside links coming in, as opposed to how many times the page or article has been internally linked to in that site.

From here I know whether I am ready to jump into the SEO article writing, or if I need to go back to the drawing board. Once you get a system down, the process is not nearly as complicated as it seems. It has proven effective in my writing and I find it well worth the time. Remember: No keyword stuffing. Once you have your chosen keywords, keep your saturation to 3-5% when writing SEO articles.

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