Web 2.0 The Art of Long Tail SEO

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Web 2.0 The Art of Long Tail

In the two previous “Long Tail” articles, I wrote about how the principals of Chris Anderson’ book “The Long Tail” can be applied to SEO. In this installment I’ll go into some the tactics that are actually working today -these are the things I’m using to get free targeted traffic to my sites.

  1. All of my sites are now blog based. Blogs are cheap, very simple to deploy and once they’re configured with the appropriate plug-ins, very user-friendly to post content to. Blogs are also inherently spider-able, the search engines love to see organized content, and this is very easy to create with a blog.
  2. I take full advantage of the Social Bookmarking sites. Sites like Technorati and ice-rocket will pick up “tags” from your pages. These tags will then become links to your site. This helps in getting spiders to your site and to help categorize what your pages are about -plus, many of these sites pass page rank. On the flip site, I use a plugin that gives readers easy access to several of these bookmarking sites -from an end-user point of view, posting any of my articles to some of the most popular bookmarking sites is as simple as clicking an icon below the post.
  3. I post frequently. I try to post five or six days per week, often I post several times per day. This “teaches” the search engines that my site has fresh content – engines love fresh content.
  4. I post mostly original content. This is the big one. Too many webmasters feel that if they simply buy a product and have tons of content auto-published to their sites, they’ll rank high in the engines. A few years ago this worked, but not any longer. The search engines want fresh, original content – those canned content solutions simply recycle old articles that are available elsewhere. The search engines don’t want to keep indexing the same content over and over again.
  5. I post a variety of content. I don’t just post original articles. For example, I post a lot of YouTube videos (videos that I’ve actually watched). I post these videos along with a brief review, so that you’ll have an idea what to expect before you start watching. This allows me to get new content, in less time then it would take to write a full article.
  6. I take full advantage of standard blog features like Trackbacks and comments. Yep, so many webmasters either turn these features off or simply don’t use them (maybe they don’t know how) -but they’re a great way to generate traffic to your site. How, well I allow both of these features on all of my Blogs. Find something on my site that interests you or something you disagree with, post a comment and let me know – you’ll get a link back to your site! Better yet, post a rebuttal on your own site with a trackback to my post, we’ll both benefit with added traffic and the trackbacks will be opening up new paths for the spiders to find us.
  7. Find other Blogs within your niche to post comments on and/or create posts about (with trackbacks). The most important thing is make sure your posts are well thought out. In other words, make sure you actually have something to add to the post. A few well written trackbacks can open your site up to a whole new audience.
  8. Write (or have written) rich, well rounded content. The days of focusing on a specific keyphrase for an entire webpage are gone (thankfully!). Today, the engines reward content that’s not so tightly focused. You don’t have to worry about keyword density, just worry that your articles make sense and are compelling to a human readers. Once again, as we saw in the Long Tail, you won’t get any “blockbuster keyphrases” this way, what you’ll get is the low hanging fruit that you didn’t even know existed.

In conclusion, follow this plan in your own niche for several months and you’ll start to see high quality traffic. The traffic will be coming not just from the search engines but also from the trackbacks, comments and social bookmarking you’ve been doing. Remember, what they’ve been saying for years… Content Is King – well now it’s finally true.

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