What is SEO – Part I?

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First of all let’s understand completely what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is commonly referred to as S.E.O.. It simply implies- making your site visible in the eyes of search engines so that it could display your site when someone looks for related contents of your site. This is just the basic definition of SEO however. Let’s now see the techniques to do the above said thing.

Just to clarify, there are numerous ways out there to do SEO of your site which are both – blackhat (illegal) and whitehat (legal). But we will just see the whitehat ones! Moreover SEO can be divided into two categories- onsite optimization and offsite optimization. This article deals with onsite optimization which means optimization done with ON YOUR SITE to get it ranked well in SE’s!

Search engines always love sites that are rich in content and moreover with original content. Here are a common DO’s for your site:

# Use Here goes Title in your index page

# Use

# Use

‘Description’ refers to the description of your site in your own language which will be displayed below the heading of your site when it’s displayed during search results. ‘Keywords’ are the words that describe your site in short. e.g. if you have a deals and discounts site you can use the keywords like- deals and discounts, latest deals, latest discounts, cheapest deals, shopping deals and so on!

Also make sure that your site’s URL’s are search engine friendly, if they aren’t already. It means if your URL is e.g.

http://www.somesite.com/index.html?=$ amp;5738?

Make it this


The above is just an example and does not need to be accurate. I just want to say that make it look like site/folder/folder/page.html style unlike the first complicated one. You can do this by looking for some option in your site’s admin settings or by installing relevant plugin/modifications for your script.

All the above methods are called as onsite optimizations and they are the first step towards your site’s Search Engine Optimization!

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