Welcome to Zesumme. Here is my full current project portfolio. Please note that many of these projects are under construction, being built in public.

Travel and Lifestyle

Iceland in 8 Days is a site dedicated to effective travel to, from, in and around the stunning country of Iceland. This is one of the oldest current Zesumme projects.

Travel To Greece is a comprehensive travel site dedicated to exploring the beautiful and historic country of Greece, maximizing adventure & minimizing problems.

Hiking Washington is a well-organized site dedicated to finding and exploring the best hikes in Washington state, focused on day hikes in the area.

Killer Urbex is one of my most comprehensive websites, as well as one of my favorite. I love urban exploration and sharing my learned knowledge of the space.

Beautiful Zion is dedicated to effective travel in and around Zion National Park, with a focus on hiking, outdoor activities, lodging, and restaurants.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas is my comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of the stunning hotels in Las Vegas, both on-strip, off-strip, and downtown.

South Beach Hotels is a database of the many beautiful and architecturally-significant hotels in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Park Tracker is a work-in-progress, minimalist checklist-style app focused on cataloguing visitations to the 63 United States National Parks

Highway 89 is a complete two-week itinerary traveling the action-packed Highway 89 from Flagstaff, Arizona north to the United States-Canada border.

Local Services and Information

The Portlandist contains articles, guides, and best-of lists for things to do in Portland, Oregon. We lived here for 13 months, and I want to share our findings.

Turner’s Garbage Service is a local services website for a trash pickup and sanitation service located in the Western North Carolina area.

The Johnsonian brings you the best of Johnson City, Tennessee, my hometown. All of the info you need for decision-making with none of the filler.

Wacksonville thrives on simplicity. It is a bar hopping database for in and around Jacksonville, Florida, where I lived from 2017 to 2022.

Tri-Cities Roulette is for those looking for a place to eat in Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport, or the surrounding areas. Let me make the decision for you.

Productivity and Efficiency

Familoff helps you to run your personal life and finances the same way billionaires do. The first site offering the “DIY family office” experience.

Bourscheid.me is my catch-all for general articles, musings, thoughts, and more. Think of this as my personal blog of sorts.

Gyldi is focused on analyzing the trade-off between time and money. What expenses are worth the cost for efficiency? (Gyldi = gildi, Icelandic for “value”).

A Productive Mindset is a passion project focused on improving personal productivity through changing habits and overall mindset towards tasks.

Credit Card Churning is one of my favorite sites. It’s all about the obsessive pursuit of maximizing travel rewards to travel for free and with status.

HENRY Tips is a personal finance website focused on tips, tactics and tricks for HENRY-valued individuals (High Earner, Not Rich Yet).

Secluud (pronounced Seclude) is a one-stop platform for calm and organized real estate transactions, including buying, selling, lending, and more.

Buyer Intent

Kitchen Composters is a buyer’s resource for all kinds of countertop and in-home composting options, working to make the world a better place.

Just Home Improve is one of the oldest Zesumme web properties, focused on general home improvement resources, tools, and reviews.

Home Automation Network is the hub for home automation news, reviews, guides, and articles, and was one of the first Zesumme properties.

How To Make A Cutting Board is exactly what you would expect: A comprehensive resource for cutting board creation, tips, and tricks.

Treadmill Desk Resource is a buyer’s intent site with reviews, best-of guides, and resources for those looking to purchase a treadmill desk or walking pad.

Mattress Reviewer provides the most in-depth, well-researched reviews of the latest and greatest in mattress technology, without bias or spam.

Honest Gardening is the hub for comprehensive reviews of gardening tools, providing unbiased, useful feedback to make gardening more effective.

Best Pool Pumps is another one of those sites that provides exactly what you’d expect: Reviews of the best swimming pool pumps for various scenarios.

Tool Guides Hub is focused on comprehensive reviews of power, hand, and construction tools, aimed to make the purchasing decision much simpler.

Additional Web Properties

Dreppa is AI-driven synthwave music development, for windows-down night driving. Currently I have created one album, Vell Meni, available on Spotify.

Life Containerized is a passion project, dedicated to shipping container home living, construction, ideation and development.

Zesumme is the website you are currently on. It’s a catchall for these web properties, and a subsidiary of Bourscheid, LLC.

How To Start A Self Storage Business is all about the ins and outs of starting your own self storage business, starting from scratch.

Where Is Marijuana Legal dives into weed legalization in all of the 50 states, disseminating legislation, progress towards legality, and alternatives.

Rum Reviewer is a barebones, no-frills site dedicated to reviewing popular rums and crafting the best possible cocktails from, you guessed it, rum.

The Hi Fi Murders: Dive into the Hi-Fi Murders with me, unearthing one of Utah’s Darkest Happenings. Podcast series coming early 2025.

Read Willow Springs: A public prologue for a fun horror novel project, planned to be published widely in early 2025. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!